[rt-users] Lost Root Password

Dennis Comeaux dennis.comeaux at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 12:43:47 EDT 2013

Another one of these threads.

* Root password for Linux known
* RT 3.8.4
* http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/RecoverRootPassword didn't work
* we have httpd restrictions on the website taht require login that
authenticates against an ldap server
* other users can login... but we can't get in as root.... and root doesn't
seem to have an account on the ldap server

Anyone have ideas? It looks like RT takes the userid and auth from ldap as

Can I just make a different account admin level?  I need to just move some
users around from one queue to another.  I know its the ldap auth.

"il n'y a pas de liberté s'il y a dépendance"
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