[rt-users] RTFM and Self Service portal

Jeff Solberg jsolberg at intrepidls.com
Mon Aug 19 18:58:20 EDT 2013


I am getting ready to start publishing some articles to my end user base using "Articles". I have set up my class and have created some content for testing purposes. I am following the introduction.pod file in /lib/RT/PM from the RTFM-2.4.5.tar stack. Per this document and other resources on the web state that if I grant the Unprivileged User group the ShowArticle permission on any class I have created the "end user" should see a search box enabling them to search KB articles we the IT staff have written. This is not the case however. I see a search box to search " tickets" and when I search for an article it errors out saying it cannot find the "ticket" it is trying to search for.

I am running RT 4.0.7 on Debian 6.

Any suggestions?

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