[rt-users] RT user login not possible after Ubuntu 11.04 uprade

Alex Decalli alexdecalli71 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 03:39:26 EDT 2013

Hi all,

Yesterday, I upgraded my very old uUbuntu server and with that, mysql and
apache2 were updated too, configuration files are still the same. I had
some problems with some file names and locations and Perl modules, I fixed
them all, now I can see RT login page, but I can't login to that with my rt
user (already exists in rtdb) alex001. even not with root. I checked things
like rtuser can access mysql and still has all privileges, rtdb is readable
to anyone, mysql log says nothing about this problem, apache log just says
"login for alex001 failed" and I have no idea where else I can check or
what might cause this problem. Please tell me if you can think of anything,
I mean what does RT do for user login, what might have been changed, what
permissions it will need and anything else you might think of...

PS: I am not even sure rt is querying mysql, how can I make sure??

Thank you all
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