[rt-users] Upgrade: RTFM Article, Content CustomField not displaying

Anthony Gladdish anthony.gladdish at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Aug 21 04:54:17 EDT 2013

Hi Kevin,

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>On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 09:26:41AM +0000, Anthony Gladdish
>> Test system ( RT 3.8.17 + RTFM 2.4.5 ):
>> 	For both menus:
>> 	Menu: RTFM -> Configuration -> Custom Fields
>> 	Menu: Configuration -> RTFM -> Custom Fields
>> 		Lists record #32 from the "CustomFields" table.
>"Applied" column is empty.
>> 		Lists record #31 from the "CustomFields" table.
>"Applied" column is empty.
>> 		Clicking on each CustomField, "Applies to" is
>"RTFM Articles".
>Are you quoting us the Applies To dropdown or the results of
>on the Applies To link, which is where you apply Custom Fields to
>appropriate RT objects?

Test system: for each CustomField, the "Applies to" drop down box has "RTFM Articles" selected.
Production system: "Tickets" is selected instead and does not display an "RTFM Articles" option. Assigning this "Tickets" option in my test system appears to have no effect.

Test system: for each CustomField, clicking on the "Applies to" link shows a list of unselected objects - RT and my queues. Selecting these and submitting, does not display the CF in the Article's page.

>> 		I think it should be referencing CF records from
>"FM_CustomFields" table instead?
>FM_CustomFields has not been a relevant RTFM table since
>before the
>2.4.0 release.  All RTFM CF data is stored in RT's core Custom

Good to know.

Hope this sheds more light,

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