[rt-users] problem sharing session between RT and custom code

Len Jaffe lenjaffe at jaffesystems.com
Wed Aug 21 17:50:38 EDT 2013

I have written an application that runs alongside an RT4 instance, and
makes use of RT's Logger, db handle and session.

In moving from mysql to Oracle, I've run into a problem that after lodign a
page from my app, the next  request, whether to my app, or RT,  hangs
trying to get an exclusive lock on the session lock file that it had used
without a problem on the previous request (and requests, if I start out
clicking around in RT).

I've determined that it is exclusive lock call by using strace.  I've also
learned that while clicking through RT, and the first click into my app,
the session lock file is file descriptor 11, but the request after hitting
my app uses 13, but doesn't close 11, so it looks like my app is not
untie-the session, but I'm relying on RT to tie/until the session - or so I

I'm sure that there's something that I've missed. Something that RT does
that I've orverlooked, or some assumption I've made that is invalid.

Can anybody tell me (why my autohandler might be causing RT to use a
different fd despite using the same session id, and why it might not be
correctly relinquishing the lock or the tied hash?  Or nudge me in the
right direction?


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