[rt-users] How to create a new condition through the web gui

Marius Flage marius at ksat.no
Tue Dec 17 16:49:49 EST 2013

Den 17.12.2013 20:19, skrev Kevin Falcone:

> You may find it easier to use the new extension we blogged about,
> instead of User Defined scrips/actions
> http://blog.bestpractical.com/2013/12/new-web-ui-for-rt-actions-and-conditions.html
> -kevin


This extension looks very nice and shiny and I just added it to my RT, 
but I still have no idea how to use it :) And especially not for my 
example. The example I found uses raw perl code that returns 0/1 
depending on some variables, but recreating this using just the five 
text input fields provided by the extension seems impossible.. ?

What should I enter for "Condition Module", "Parameters to Pass" and 
"Applicable Transaction Types"? The Perl snippet seems to first check 
TransactionObj if the transaction type is "Create", if not it'll return 
0. Then it will check if it's the first transaction and finally it'll 
check for a header "Received". Replicating this in 5 text input fields 
seems impossible :)

- Marius

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