[rt-users] Debian package status / Full text indexing failure (invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8")

Dominic Hargreaves dominic.hargreaves at it.ox.ac.uk
Sat Feb 2 11:13:12 EST 2013

On Fri, Feb 01, 2013 at 08:36:22PM -0500, Alex Vandiver wrote:
> On Fri, 2013-02-01 at 17:03 -0800, Ben Poliakoff wrote:
> > We're currently running RT 4.0.5-3~bpo60+1 (from Debian backports) with
> > Postgresql 8.4.12-0squeeze1.
> This is fixed in RT 4.0.9 and above, wich resolve this issue by skipping
> the attachment with bad data.  RT 4.0.7 and above are better about not
> trusting emails which claim to be "utf-8", which prevents the bad data
> from getting in in the first place, which is the likely cause here, and
> which older Pg allowed.

The good news is that Debian backports now has 4.0.7 (I've just
uploaded 4.0.7-4~bpo60+1 which has a few extra fixes compared to
4.0.7-2~bpo60+1). The bad news is that since Debian is in freeze,
4.0.9 or above won't be hitting Debian any time soon (except possibly
experimental, if someone asks nicely :)

However, I do encourage people who are using the Debian packages to
report bugs that affect them to the BTS even if they are fixed in newer
upstream releases; if they seem serious enough, it's still possible
to fix important bugs in Debian before the release.

Dominic Hargreaves, Systems Development and Support Section
IT Services, University of Oxford
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