[rt-users] Open Ticket On Resolve Of Dependants?

Kevin Comer kevin.comer at veracitypayments.com
Tue Feb 5 11:03:51 EST 2013


I am new to Perl and RT Scrips, and I need to set up a scrip that will
change the parent ticket from new to open when all dependent tickets
have been resolved, or have it perform only on the Subject of one
Specific Ticket.

I found this script below and it works on the first ticket resolved. How
can I modify this scrip to either wait till all dependents are resolved
or resolved on a specific subject?

I have tried this to get it to work on the subject, but to no
avail.      next unless( $l->BaseObj->Subject eq

How can I find or figure out what objects are available for the
different sections of a ticket? etc.

Condition: On Status Change
      Action: User Defined
  Template: Global Template Blank

Customer action: return 1;
Custom action cleanup code:
    return 1 if ($self->TransactionObj->NewValue !~
    my $DepOnBy = $self->TicketObj->DependedOnBy;
    while( my $l = $DepOnBy->Next ) {
      next unless( $l->BaseURI->IsLocal );
      next unless( $l->BaseObj->Status =~ /^(?:new|open|stalled)$/ );

      # here you can add any action
      # see also example below
    $DepOnBy = undef;
    return 1;

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks in advance

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