[rt-users] ticket content not displaying via RT's web 'Search' but shows up with sphinx's 'search' binary

Subin subin at opensourcesolutions.co.in
Thu Feb 7 06:13:29 EST 2013

> .... the second query isn't run when the first returns 0.
This hint helped narrow down things. I figured out the pattern/situation
under which search failure occurs, which is:

"If I create/update a ticket and immediately perform fulltext: search
of the same content before reindexing is run(on delta), it will fail to
show up on fulltext searches even after the content is later
reindexed. In this situation if I run a 'search' from CLI(on delta index
specifically) it returns successful hits. Running SELECT COUNT by hand
also returns >0 integer at this point. If I do not search for newly created
ticket-content before its reindexed, this won't occur. Things are normal
in that case."

Yes, it is bit awkward but that is the pattern I observe after 8-9 hit and
trials ! I'll try clarify things in steps for you:

1. Created a new ticket. Subject - uniqsupport1 , Content - uniqsupport1tic.
So I'll be searching for this 1 word content from web end.

2. Searched "fulltext:uniqsupport1tic" from RT's web end. Yes obviously it
didn't return a result.

3. Executed SELECT COUNT query that I got from the logs for this search
and it returned 0. All as expected.

4. Indexed delta index (rt_delta) with --rotate. From the command line,
I did "search -i rt_delta uniqsupport1tic". Got a matching result ticket
as expected. I executed the same SELECT COUNT query from Step 2
by hand and it returned 1.

5. I issued "fulltext:uniqsupport1tic" for 2nd time from RT's web end.
Surprisingly, 0 matching result. Observing rt.log I find that only the
SELECT COUNT was being executed in response to this 2nd time fulltext
search. This was happening when the same SELECT COUNT returned
1 for the search of the same ticket content 'uniqsupport1tic'.

After Step 5, I reindexed delta again but proved no use. In this
situation I created a "new" ticket with some random content. I ran the
previous failed search again (fulltext:uniqsupport1tic) for 3rd time
and this time, it returned the exact matching result. On checking the
logs, the 2 SQL queries were also executed consecutively. This also
worked if I replied to ANY existing ticket instead of creating a new one!

The interesting fact here is that had I NOT done 'Step 2' after updating
or creating a ticket, this whole issue don't exist and I get exact matching
results from fulltext search "without creating or updating a ticket".
Yes. I redid Steps 1-5 with a new ticket "skipping only Step 2" and in
the 5th step I got the exact matching result.


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