[rt-users] Printing Charts

April Rosenberg aprilr at yelp.com
Mon Feb 11 21:54:48 EST 2013

Good Afternoon,

I am running 4.0.5 on Ubuntu.  After creating queries and going to the
chart options.  I cannot print the charts out, it is the title and the rest
is a blank page in IE and Firefox.  There are no errors in the apache logs
and the charts appear fine.  This is true of pie and bar charts.  I have
tried searching, but most info is about display being broken as well as
printing.  I am using the default template, with a change in color on css

Does anyone have any ideas?


[image: Yelp!]

*April Rosenberg*
*e:*  aprilr at yelp.com  *t:*  415.632.4020
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