[rt-users] RT-Extension-RepliesToResolved not creating links

Tim Cutts tjrc at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Feb 13 12:05:51 EST 2013

On 13 Feb 2013, at 16:58, Nick Fennell <nick.fennell at appliansys.com> wrote:

> Cheers Tim. Seems 0.02 is available on CPAN as that's the version I've installed.
> {{{
> grep -i version RepliesToResolved.pm 
> our $VERSION = '0.02';
> }}}
> Should I now apply head to desk? :-)

Hmmm ... so it's creating the new tickets, but not creating the links?

You did do the make initdb part of the module installation, didn't you?  The link creation is done by a scrip called "On Create, Link to Resolved Tickets".  Is that Scrip there on your system, and active?


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