[rt-users] Dashboard Custom Configurations

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Thu Feb 14 12:09:54 EST 2013

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 04:37:50PM +0000, Raymond Corbett wrote:
>    1)   The Quick Search Portal list only Dept 1 Queues.   Currently it lists all Queues   Or
>    list only a particular Queues that I want it to rather then all Queues that exist.
>    2)  The Saved Searches Portal list only saved searches set up for Dept1.   Perhaps we have say
>    3 custom searches saved for Dept1. Currently is list all saved searches.
>    I assume is that because it looks in a Saved Searches directory and lists everything it finds
>    there.  I guess maybe I am asking if it could look into a subdirectory there only.
>    With the saved searches, it seems if I save them with privacy being  RT System's  that all
>    users can see them listed which makes sense.   And it would seem logical then that all are
>    listed.
>    The problem with not saving them as RT System's privacy that other team members don't see
>    them. Just me.

You want to do things as Group dashboards instead.
That way the users in Dept1 see the Group Dashboard called Dept1 and
the saved searches saved into the Dept1 group.

You can put your user into the Dept 1 group while you set these up and
then take them back out.

Similarly, if you want to limit the queues in Quick Search you can not
grant SeeQueue and ShowTicket in the irrelevant Queues.  This will
also limit down the other places the user might see ticket lists.

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