[rt-users] Permissions Questions

Raymond Corbett Raymond.Corbett at arcproductions.com
Wed Feb 20 10:25:15 EST 2013

Hello all.

Great system.  Slowly I am getting my head around permissions.  However I have a problem with this situation:

I have a User:  Ray

Ray is a member of 3 groups:

*         Group Q1

*         Group Q2

*         Group Q3

These Groups all watch the following Queues:

*         Q1

*         Q2

*         Q3

Each of these Queues have saved searches associated with them.

I now want a Dashboard, let's say it will be called  Ray's Q2 Dashboard.

I want to see the saved searches portal here but I would like it to show only  the Q2  saved searches.

Since Ray watches all three queues, I find that I am getting the Save Searches showing for all the 3 Queues.

Possible to do with the correct Permission settings?


Ray Corbett  Technology Projects Manager

p: 416.682.5200 x5232  | f: 416.682.5209
Arc Productions Ltd. | 230 Richmond Street East | Toronto, ON M5A 1P4

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