[rt-users] asset tracker config

rick at hiranyaloka.com rick at hiranyaloka.com
Wed Jul 24 13:06:16 EDT 2013

> So I do believe it's a permissions issue, but I cant find it.     If I
> log in as root, the asset drop down in the upper right works, and two
> asset types are there.   However, as a normal privileged user logs in,
> there are no types.    I have gone to select types, group rights, and
> for system and roles, set ALL the permissions (everyone, priv, etc)!
>  I also set the user defined groups for the groups I have, still
> nothing under the asset type drop down...   what am I missing?

I found some old (2007) Asset Tracker documentation here, not sure if it
will help:


- Rick Bychowski

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