[rt-users] Postfix sendmail returning status code 75

Nathan Cutler presnypreklad at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 15:55:02 EDT 2013

Thanks for your reply, Kevin, and here are my answers to your questions.

> What kind of monitoring do you have on the box?  Often, this is a
> memory problem (the running out kind).

We are monitoring the box with Icinga. I will talk with my colleagues
to see if we can tweak the Icinga configuration so it complains
earlier when memory starts to get low. The box has 8Gb installed, but
it runs more stuff than just RT.

> PerlOptions +Parent was required because they ran two perl processes
> in a single mod_perl host.  Are you doing that?

Well, I'm certainly not. And it didn't make the problem go away, so I
assume this is a dead end and I will remove that option.

> What's in your postfix error logs when this happens?

postfix/sendmail[26576]: fatal: wwwrun(30): No recipient addresses
found in message header

My "sendmail wrapper" is now in place and I will be watching closely
tomorrow. Today from what I managed to capture it looked like nothing
(or only one byte?) was being piped from RT to "sendmailpipe". This is
consistent with what was written to the log (No recipient addresses


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