[rt-users] RES: RES: Is it possible to specify a different user with RT CLI ?

Diaulas Castro diaulas.castro at intersolution.inf.br
Fri Jun 7 07:35:04 EDT 2013

Try rest interface instead of RT CLI.

" Authentication Edit

The REST Interface does not support HTTP-Authentication. So you must get a valid Session-Token and submit the cookie each request. You usually get a Session-Cookie by submitting the default login form. Use variables "user" for login and "pass" for password values. wget doesn't escape any characters in the --post-data option so make sure you properly escape any special characters in the password."


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Thanks for your answers but that's not what I'm looking for. This method will work if I store the passwords for every user in clear form.

What I want is to only have the root (admin) passwd in a RT Config File and issue the comment/correpond AS some user. I am making a dedicated interface to RT.

Is this possible ?

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