[rt-users] REST vs GUI: huge performance diference

Ram ram0502 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 13:23:10 EDT 2013

After using a few tools suggested by Tom (MasonX::Profiler and then
NYTProf) it looks to me like the issue imay be in
share/html/REST/1.0/Forms/ticket/default and really relates to a difference
in the default (fields) in GUI quick search compared to what the REST
servicer does.

By changing my query from (the CLI equivalent): rt ls
"Requester.EmailAddress=someaddy at example.com"  to rt ls -f Created, Status,
LastUpdated, Subject "Requestor.EmailAddress=someaddy at example.com" I saw a
round trip time reduction of over 70%.

This change in request was enough to bring the performance of the REST
interface within a reasonable range for my needs.

Hope this helps.

On 06/11/2013 01:42 PM, Ram wrote:
> > Hey folks. I'm using rt 4.02 via REST and I noticed a surprising
> > difference in performance between using the RT web GUI where a certain
> > query takes less than one second and the RT command line where the same
> > query takes close to four seconds.
> >
> > rt ls 'requestor=someuser at example.com <mailto:someuser at example.com>'
> >  (takes 3+ seconds)
> > rt web UI quick search for someuser at example.com
> > <mailto:someuser at example.com> (takes < 1 second)
> >
> > That user has 133 tickets. If I do this for a user with 6 tickets then
> > both methods are essentially instant.
> >
> > What's going on here?
> Allow me to paste from #rt:
> 14:00 <@trs> ram: the quick search on the web automatically limits to
> active
>              statuses.
> 14:00 <@trs> ram: `rt ls` doesn't if you specify a query
> 14:00 <@trs> try `rt ls 'requestor=someuser at example.com and (status=new or
>              status=open or status=stalled)'`
> 14:00 <@trs> or similar
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