[rt-users] Is it possible to set CustomField in mailgate plugin?

pavel.sidlo at linuxbox.cz pavel.sidlo at linuxbox.cz
Fri Jun 14 07:23:45 EDT 2013

I'v got a mailgate plugin in which i am trying to set value to Ticket
I'm using this method:
my ($st,$msg) = $args{Ticket}->AddCustomFieldValue( Field => $CFObj->id,
Value => $id, RecordTransaction => 1 );

However this always fail with error message:
Failed to save CF value: 100 as value for CF. Error: Custom field 1 does
not apply to this object

This look like the CF value cannot be assigne just because the ticket
itself does not really exist yet. Is it the problem?

So my question:
is it to possible to assing some value to ticket CF in mailgate plugin ?

Best regards,

Pavel Šidlo

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