[rt-users] Question about restricting queues

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Wed Jun 19 07:18:56 EDT 2013

Am 17.06.2013 20:33, schrieb Chris Hall:
> I've got a bit of a weird problem, and wondered if anybody has a
> solution for it.
> We have several queues, and a few are grouped up by name.  For example:
> Queue A tier 1
> Queue A tier 2
> Queue A tier 3
> Queue B tier 1
> Queue B tier 2
> Queue B tier 3
> The managers at the helpdesk are having a problem w/ ppl making a ticket
> in Queue A tier 1, and then when they escalate it, accidentally
> transferring it to Queue B tier 2 (instead of Queue A tier 2).  They
> asked me if there was any way to group these queues up in such a way
> that, for example, if a ticket is made in any of the Queue A's they are
> locked in and can only be transferred between the Queue A's.
> I hope that makes sense.  The problem is some of these queues are tied
> to different businesses, and if we send out an email due to a ticket
> queue transfer and it goes to the wrong company it looks bad on us.  I
> know personal responsibility can go a long way to fixing this.... but
> besides that, is there any way to do what I described above w/ RT?

As always ;-), there is an extension for this:

As the extension isn't updated within the last years maybe it will not
work with your RT version. If so just give some feedback to the list and
maybe the developer have time to update the extension.


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