[rt-users] Alter "From" field in template

Giuseppe Sollazzo gsollazz at sgul.ac.uk
Tue Jun 25 13:45:14 EDT 2013

Hi there,we currently have several queues each responding to a different e-mail address.
However, all replies come via the generic "support" e-mail address.

I tried editing the template to do this. In the template the first part changes, successfully, the Subject of a message according to the queue. 

What happens is:
- if I only leave the part of the script for Subject, this works as expected
- if I add the part of the script to change the "From" field, both don't work.

Any idea?
The structure of my script follows.

Many thanks,

Subject: { if ($Ticket->QueueObj->Name eq 'Z')
{ "Z Support Job Logged: " . $Ticket->Subject . "

Thank you for contacting Z.

Initial request details:
" . $Transaction->Content . "

elsif ($Ticket->QueueObj->Name eq 'W')


From: { if ($Ticket->QueueObj->Name eq 'Z')
{ "z at sgul.ac.uk";}
elsif ($Ticket->QueueObj->Name eq 'W')
{ "w at sgul.ac.uk";}
{ "support at sgul.ac.uk";

Giuseppe Sollazzo
Senior Systems Analyst
Computing Services
Information Services
St. George's, University Of London
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London SW17 0RE

Email: gsollazz at sgul.ac.uk
Direct Dial: +44 20 8725 5160
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