[rt-users] Applying the RTIR_FindIP.pm when changing queues instead of On Create

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Thu Jun 27 15:55:35 EDT 2013

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 09:59:43AM -0700, Landon wrote:
>    Hello RT Users,
>    We have a *ton* of tickets in a queue from another instance of RT in our instance of RTIR
>    (RT4/RTIR3). I've been able to modify the Lifecycles so that I can move tickets to the
>    "Incident Reports" queue now (thanks Kevin for your advice with that). I'd like tickets moved
>    to that queue treated like new Incident Report tickets in RTIR but hitting some snags.
>    The condition for On Queue Change itself isn't a problem since that part is pretty straight
>    forward (either using the built in "On Queue Change" or a user defined condition).
>    The problem is that the provided "SetIPFromContent" (which presumably is the RTIR_FindIP.pm)
>    doesn't work when using "On Queue Change" as a condition. This is probably because the content
>    of the transaction is that of a queue change and does not contain any correspondence-style
>    content and it's not something you can run against the action. What I need however is
>    something that will run against each part (attachment?) of this already existing ticket.
>    I attempted to do this using a simple loop over each of the transactions but it's kind of
>    hacked up and the loop doesn't even seem to run once (as if there are no transactions with
>    attachments).

rt-crontool has the --transaction all argument for exactly this usage.
Move your tickets, run rt-crontool (search or condition to find the
tickets) --action FindIP --transaction all

RT will scrap the complete history of those tickets running them
through IP extractor (so all Create/Comment/Correspond would be



>    NAME: OnQueueChange Find IPs
>    Condition: On Queue Change
>    Action: User Defined
>    Template: Blank
>    Stage: Transaction Create
>    Condition and Preperation: "return 1;"
>    Cleanup Code:
>    use Regexp::Common qw(net);
>    use NetAddr::IP;
>    use Data::Validate::IP qw(is_ipv4 is_ipv6);
>    my $attachments = $self->TransactionObj->Attachments;
>    my @ourips = RT->Config->Get('OurIPs');
>    my $CF_Obj = RT::CustomField->new($RT::SystemUser);
>    $CF_Obj->LoadByName( Name => "URL" ); # *** See note
>    my @inserted;
>    # Loop over each attachment in the TransactionObj and trap IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
>    # Insert those into the "IP" CustomField.
>    # *** Note - For testing I've changed it to URL and I'm trying to simply write \
>    # *** - the word "TEST" instead.
>    # *** - URL is a valid CF and this AddValueForObject works outside the \
>    # *** - while loop below.
>    #
>    while (my $message = $attachments->Next) {
>    next unless $message->ContentType =~ m!^(text/html|text/plain|message|text$)!i;
>    my $content = $message->Content;
>    my @lines = split(/\n/,$content);
>    foreach my $line (@lines) {
>    if ($line =~ /($RE{net}{IPv4}|$RE{net}{IPv6})/g) {
>    $CF_Obj->AddValueForObject( Object => $self->TicketObj, Content => "TEST" )
>    unless grep($1, at inserted);  # *** See note
>    push(@inserted,$ipaddr);
>    }
>    }
>    }
>    I've been banging my head against this for a few hours now and can't get the loop to work it
>    seems let alone find a way to do this more natively with RTIR_FindIP.pm.
>    Thanks for reading!
>    --
>    Landon Stewart <LandonStewart at Gmail.com>
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