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Raymond Corbett Raymond.Corbett at arcproductions.com
Tue Mar 5 11:35:40 EST 2013

We are using RT 4.0.10

I wander if anyone else gets this behavior.........  which confuses some of our users.......

The Drop Down Selection menu beside the New ticket In widget button doesn't maintain the selection.

For example let's say there are 6 queues there,  queue_1, queue_2 , queue_3 etc.

The user selects  queue_5 in the list.  The drop down displays this as the selection for about 2 seconds and then immediately defaults back to the first selection in the list.

The queue being submitted to is correct, but users are confused, because by the time they click on the New Ticket IN button, the selection form the pull down menu has already reverted back to the first entry in the list and they try to change it again and again.

I am wandering which file controls the size of the Pull Down Menu width.  Our Queue names are a bit long and some are similar.  So just hope to change the width of the field so that the Queue names are easier to read when the pull down is not accessed.


Ray Corbett  Technology Projects Manager

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