[rt-users] Unable to configure article classes in 4.0.10

Chris Manly cam2 at cornell.edu
Tue Mar 5 16:24:38 EST 2013

Hi all,

Okay I'm stumped.  I'm setting up a new install of RT4.  My "proof of concept" install on a dev box was 4.0.6, but 4.0.10 was out by the time I got to setting up the "production" install, so that one is 4.0.10.  The database for the 4.0.10 production system was seeded with a dump from the 4.0.6 dev box.

When we create a new article class, none of the configuration options appear on the right hand side of /Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html.  So, we can't make the new class apply to a queue. However, for the class that I created on the 4.0.6 system (I then copied over the database to the "prod" install), the config options appear normally.

All of the users who are attempting to set up the classes have SuperUser privs.

Am I just missing something obvious, or did I trip on a bug in 4.0.10?  Or, is there somewhere I can be looking to figure out what's going on?  I can't see any differences in the databases that would be an obvious source of the differential behavior, and a debug log doesn't spit out anything telling that I can see.

Any insight would be appreciated, including RTFM directives with helpful pointers to the correct FM, if I simply failed to find the right clue that's out there somewhere.


Christopher Manly
Coordinator, Library Systems
Cornell University Library Information Technologies
cam2 at cornell.edu
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