[rt-users] RT4 Postfix/Apache Email Return-Path causing issues

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Fri Mar 22 05:12:54 EDT 2013

On 21/03/2013 22:35, Billington, James wrote:
> If I understand you all correctly it appears that if I use the sendmail -f argument it will only change the "Return-Path" header. If that's true then the documentation is confusing. Maybe a note should be added to the documentation clarifying this. Perhaps more detail about the "sendmail -f" argument and the "$SetOutgoingMailFrom" option.

Those options change the *envelope* address i.e., the "MAIL FROM" in the
smtp transaction:

MAIL FROM: <....>
RCPT TO: <....>
Subject: ...
From: ...
To: ...


and the Return-path is set by the last smtp in the workflow, to this
envelope sender (MAIL FROM) which can be different from the "From:".

Typically, you want fhe "From:" to be the queue email (where the target
user will reply, this is how RT works), but the envelope sender to be
some administrative address outside of RT like postmaster at foo.bar. This
last one will receive any bounces, i.e. any mail sent by RT to an email
address that does not works (quota full, non existent address, ...).
Sending the bounces to an RT queue is often not wanted as this will
create new tickets.

So you should just set something like:

RT < 4.0:
Set($SendmailArguments , '-oi -t -f"<postmaster at foo.bar>"');

RT >=4.0:
Set($SetOutgoingMailFrom, 1);
Set($OverrideOutgoingMailFrom, {
    'Default' => 'postmaster at foo.bar',

I agree that the documentation should be more accurate about which
"From" it affects and rather than talking about 'sendmail -f', talking
about bounce/envelope/return-path.

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