[rt-users] Tracking and Reporting Reopened Tickets

Shuford, Aaron aaron.shuford at wku.edu
Mon Nov 4 12:50:47 EST 2013


I am currently working on implementing a ticketing system for our store to support warranty repairs on Apple products.  To do this, we need to periodically send in reports to Apple.

One of the things we need to report on is the “First Time Fix”.  My plan was to track tickets that have been reopened (i.e. Resolved to Open)  I’ve been Googling and searching the wiki and the Mailing list for the past few days.  The closest I found were some that would track custom tickets or the OnStatusChange script. In the Wiki.

Unfortunately I am not much of a programmer so I couldn’t tell what the best way to adapting these scripts would be.  Any ideas?



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