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Matt Brister mbrister at talentwise.com
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I *think* I understand what you are asking, and the answer could be Yes. As long as RT-Mailgate can get the message and Exim can send a reply, the domain doesn't matter much.

For instance, we have a single RT instance on talentwisecorp.net that checks mail on 2 different Exchange servers via Postfix: docusign.talentwise.com and talentwise.com. Each is set up in the Mailgate to populate a different queue, and we have no issues. We did have to do some voodoo to make the messages pass through our Forefront server, but that is beyond the scope of this group.

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Can RT respond to multiple web domains?

Such as
CSRRequests.copesan.com and CSARequest.copesan.com

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