[rt-users] Assets and CSV export. Not all default fields displaying data

Armin Liedtke ALiedtke at uwb.edu
Mon Aug 11 16:34:47 EDT 2014


We have started using Assets 1.01 for RT.  One of the things I found is that when I do a search and then attempt to export to csv I don't get all of the data.
Before doing the export the onscreen data is looking correct. For example it has a Name, SN, Tag, Description, Heldby and Owner . . . .
The exported file does include all of the headings but not all of the data. For example it does not show data for Name, Description, Heldby but does include some data like Sn, Tag, Owner.

Of the fields that are not showing data, most of them (if not all of them) are non-custom fields (default fields). But some data from the non-custom fields (like owner) does show up. . I have checked the file in both Excel and Notepad.  It doesn't appear to be affected by number of rows, or search results.

Is anyone else seen this problem

PS I did report this prior to emailing here, but have since read something that says email here first. Sorry.
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