[rt-users] Change ticket subject before first outgoing correspondence.

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed Aug 13 10:51:20 EDT 2014

> The best I can say is that I *loathe* having to ask questions of
> mailing lists and IRC channels, as I expect to get answers like this.
> I seriously hate getting replies intoning that the information is
> readily available, so I do the best I can using Google and reading all
> the available documentation I can find. I may have spent more than an
> hour looking for that precise piece of information, but I spent more
> than a week digging through all the available documentation on the
> wiki and BestPractical's website docs. The wiki consists primarily of
> tutorials.

Found in the second hit on the wiki after typing Scrip into the search
Should be updated to reflect 4.2, but such is life.

Trivially testable too.
Condition: ON Create
Action: User Defined
    Prepare: 1;
    Commit: RT->Logger->error("I'm the first scrip");
Template: Blank

That's as much time as I have this week to search the wiki
and mailing list archives for things I've written.

> I apologize if I'm a bit bristly, but I've always spent at least
> several hours searching and reading before opening a thread on a
> mailing list or IRC channel, because I hate "RTFM" or "LMGTFY"
> responses.

I actually generally don't bother answering questions that I've
answered within the last two weeks.  This was an exception because I
saw things being led astray.

> Good to know. I did not find documentation describing the precise
> processing behavior of RT scrips.

Patches welcome.

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