[rt-users] Outgoing email text of a closing incident

"Tamás, Szép" tamas.szep at govcert.hu
Mon Dec 8 05:55:22 EST 2014

No answers yet so it is still an open question.

More precisely: where can I change the default outgoing email message
sent by the system to whom the Incident Report came when a whole case
(e.g. Report,Incidents and Investigations are all solved) is closed?
Is there a file for it (could not find it yet) or is it in the RT
database somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated.


on 2014.12.03. 14:32 "Tamás, Szép" wrote:
> Hello all,
> where can I find and modify the text of the outgoing email when I close
> a whole Incident?
> Best regards,
> Tamas Szep
> GovCERT-Hungary

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