[rt-users] Show query: multiple tickets via CLI vs. REST

Yoni Rabkin yrk at gnu.org
Tue Dec 9 16:45:34 EST 2014

(this is a repeat of a question I sent to the list some 30 weeks ago
with no answer, in case anyone is getting a sense of dejavue)


I'm adding RT REST support to my software (currently it uses the CLI as
a back-end.)

In the CLI I can get basic information about multiple tickets in one
call with:

rt> show -l ticket/123456,654321,98765

But in the REST interface, I can't do this (and the wiki is silent on
the topic of multiple tickets):


I'm guessing that the CLI uses the REST interface, so instead of
connecting wireshark to try and find out how it does it, I thought I
would ask here in case it's an unsupported REST call.

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