[rt-users] plugins link to module file, not package file

Alex Peters alex at peters.net
Thu Dec 11 20:40:26 EST 2014

I support the idea of switching to MetaCPAN, which seems to be in active
development and seems to generally get a lot more right in terms of modern
website development.  Plus, Download links are on the left there instead of
the right.  We've established that this is important. ;)

Since RT extensions can come from many sources, I'd suggest that any RT
documentation on how to download them shouldn't be too specific because
then it might need to be updated when someone finds a new way to host
them.  Maybe "most of them are on CPAN/MetaCPAN and here's a link to a
search that lists most of them" is enough?

Since extension installation procedures are specific to each extension, I
think installation documentation on RT's side would need to be nothing more
than the sentence "consult the downloaded extension's documentation for
installation instructions, especially whether any database changes need to
be made."  I must admit that I'd forgotten about potential database changes
when I wrote everything above.
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