[rt-users] Trying to shred a ticket

Bryon Baker bbaker at copesan.com
Fri Dec 12 17:21:49 EST 2014

I am trying to shred a ticket and I am issuing the following command.

/opt/rt4/sbin/rt-shredder –force --plugin 'Tickets=query,Id=145013'

I want this ticket to just go away. I am getting the following error.

[28230] [Fri Dec 12 22:14:02 2014] [warning]: Too late to safely run transaction-batch scrips! This is typically caused by using ticket objects at the top-level of a script which uses the RT API. Be sure to explicitly undef such ticket objects, or put them inside of a lexical scope. at /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Ticket.pm line 2615, <STDIN> line 1 during global destruction. (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2615)

I am running  RT 4.2.3 Copyright 1996-2014

Thanks for any help I can get.

Bryon Baker
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