[rt-users] Customiz theme -- Title Bar

Alex Peters alex at peters.net
Tue Dec 16 18:51:14 EST 2014

When you modify the colours for other page elements, do you see the CSS in
the Custom CSS text field changing accordingly?

I guess that the "div#header" custom CSS definition might have been removed.

Does adding "div#header { }" to your custom CSS solve the problem?

On 16 December 2014 at 03:53, Max McGrath <mmcgrath at carthage.edu> wrote:
> Hi all -
> Running RT 4.2.9 and it seems as though that I can't customize the color
> of the *Title Bar*.  Changing the color of any other page section works
> fine.  I've tried in multiple browsers and get the same result.
> Is this a known bug?  Or am I missing something?
> --
> Max McGrath
> Network Administrator
> Carthage College
> 262-552-5512
> mmcgrath at carthage.edu
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