[rt-users] RT using single Office 365 account

Bob Shaker rshaker at ARDENCOMPANIES.COM
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On our installation we use a single mail account, support at example.com<mailto:support at example.com>. Fetchmail pulls the mail from SMTP and pushes it into the "uncategorized" queue. From there, the ticket is created automatically, emails are sent to the proper lists based on the user's location in active directory (i.e. if a user in California sends the ticket in, the California IT people will get an email), and then the ticket is categorized based on a regex that runs on the email subject / body. It's a bit of initial setup but once it's done it passes everything off automatically and there's little maintenance.

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Has anyone tried this? I have done it with Google Apps and setting up aliases for each queue. Can the same be achieved with Office 365?




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