[rt-users] Security/restrictions/revocation/removal of RSS and iCal feeds in RT and related issue of open access through "Go to Ticket ..." box in SelfService

Duncan Napier dgnapier at sfu.ca
Tue Feb 4 18:48:34 EST 2014


Sorry if this is documented somewhere, but I haven't been able to locate it.

I am running an RT 4.0.8 system with a few privileged Administrators and a few hundred unprivileged users who log into an RT SelfService interface to communicate (as well as by rt-mail) for support purposes. 

One of the Admins has requested access to the contents of a queue be given to a small group of unprivileged users. The most obvious way is to use a query to generate an RSS feed. So far so good. However, we may want to restrict access of the feed to a select few people in the organization. One way is to keep the feed URL confidential. This might work, but I was wondering is there is anything more robust than security-through-secrecy. Also I cannot find any way to manage the RSS feeds such as deleting or shutting it down when it has outlived its usefulness. Can anyone suggest where I can find this out. 

Another related topic is the "Go to Ticket ..." box where unprivileged users using the SelfServe interface can type in any ticket IDnumber and access the entire ticket. I can see how useful this is, but I'm wondering how to restrict access to this practice in the case where each tickets is to be considered confidential/privileged between each staff member and the support Administrators. So far, there is no issue of confidentiality in our organization, but it may come to the attention of management that naiive staff or even people who should know better and show lack of judgement by disclosing passwords, access codes or confidential information in their support requests that may be read or mined by others without privilege to this information. 

Again, we are not a super-secret organization, but I would not want to be in a situation where one unprivileged RT user has divulged confidential information to another unprivileged RT user who has been able to mine the RT SelfService page or a forgotten RSS feed for information. We have a policy right now that no confidential information or passwords/codes etc be included in tickets, but people are very fallible and any advice to target access a little better would be appreciated! 


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