[rt-users] Pointers for the unfamiliar - creating custom behaviours

Simon Wilcox simonw at simonwilcox.co.uk
Wed Feb 5 10:42:38 EST 2014


We've used RT for probably 10 years but really in a very vanilla way. 
We're now trying to make better use of it (4.0.8 now and imminently 
4.2.2) but I'm struggling to find a way in to add a feature that we'd like.

What we'd like to do is auto-link tickets together whenever they're 
mentioned in a comment or response. The regex to extract the ticket 
numbers from the body of the message I have and I think I know how to 
create a link[1] but I can't figure out the recommended way to 
incorporate that code into a scrip.

I'm probably missing something in the docs but please could you advise 
how to go about putting this together ?

Many thanks,


[1] based on the code in RT/Ticket.pm it will be something like 
$self->AddLink( Type   => 'RefersTo', Target => $found_id );

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