[rt-users] RT doesn't quote previous conversation in reply

Stefan Gofferje lists at home.gofferje.net
Thu Feb 6 12:53:24 EST 2014


On 02/06/2014 06:28 PM, Kevin Falcone wrote:
> So far you've described a color issue, which is not a problem, and a
> Template problem which I still don't understand.

Well, the color itself wasn't the issue. It was just that I *suddenly*
had a red editor field which looked like some error notification to me.
The last time I worked with RT was about 7 years ago...

> The original message is *only* quoted if you click on Reply in the
> transaction history, not Reply from the top of the page.

THAT works, thanks! Is that always like this under any circumstances or
is there a possibility that I inadvertently changed some other setting
when I changed the timezone in the config file?

> So far none of this sounds like an RT bug, it sounds like user error.

Nononono!!! I didn't mean to imply it's an RT bug! As I wrote, I just
wanted to change the timezone and suddenly things were behaving
differently, so I was really worried that I blew up something.
Ticket system down would have been a disaster for my project now because
we want to go hot at the weekend. And wolves - and their protection - is
a VERY controversial topic here in Finland, means, we're expecting a
flood of emails.

Thanks for the pointers!


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