[rt-users] Forwarding an e-mail with an HTML alternative

Martin Drašar drasar at ics.muni.cz
Fri Feb 7 12:54:09 EST 2014

Dne 7.2.2014 17:52, Kevin Falcone napsal(a):
>> Thanks for your response. I am not necessarily looking for an easy way
>> to make RT do my bidding and upgrade is not an option right now. In a
>> way, I do not really need to use the template at all, incoming messages
>> are formated just as I want them to be.
> On Create Notify Requestors with template Corresopnd
> which will relay your mail to the requestors during creation.
> Your Scrip is honestly likely to cause all the problems you saw.
> Or just set your requestors and then correspond on the ticket with
> your content.

Correspond template is not working for me as I would like it to work - 
i.e. in the template I have RT-Attach-Message: Yes, but if I don't 
supply body in the text of the template (because I don't want to insert 
any other text, except the one I have received), no mail is sent.

Can I do something with it?

Another thing is a the RT-Ataach-Message mechanism. If I take a look at 
the sent message from within the RT I see two RT-Attachment headers. 
Does that mean that those two attachments are going to be sent 
separately and not inside multipart/alternative?

> 4.2 will do a better job of not mangling your mail.  Reading the
> outgoing mail transaction though is almost guaranteed to fail.
> Just use normal RT correspond actions.

By outgoing mail transaction, do you mean the Correspondence 
transaction? Because I have previously altered the Notify.pm scrip 
(albeit to much lesser extent) to add one special attachment to each 
outgoing e-mail and I had no problems with it at all...


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