[rt-users] installing rt on debian

Paul Stead paul.stead at zeninternet.co.uk
Wed Feb 12 08:34:45 EST 2014


The testing branch currently has 4.0.18 - http://packages.qa.debian.org/r/request-tracker4.html

Nothing currently for 4.2.X

We use the fastcgi version of RT - here's a snippet from my confs

<VirtualHost rt.mydomain.com:443>
    ServerAdmin webmaster at rt.mydomain.com<mailto:webmaster at rt.mydomain.com>
    DocumentRoot /usr/share/request-tracker4/html/
    ServerName rt.mydomain.com
         <Location />
            Order allow,deny
            Allow from all
            Options +ExecCGI
            AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi
    Include /etc/request-tracker4/apache2-fastcgi.conf

/etc/request-tracker4/apache2-fastcgi.conf is included in the Debian package install.


On 12/02/14 13:11, norman wrote:
I am new to linux and installing packages.
Is there a good step by step guide on how to set up rt 4.2.2 on debian?
I think i have done most of the install but always get stuck on the web server part of it.
I will be using debian 7 with mysql and perl version 1.96.
My web server will be apache 2
Also, is there a repository that always has the latest version?
The difault debian repositorys only have version 4.0.7
Any help is appreciated.

Paul Stead
Systems Engineer, Zen Internet
T: 01706 902009
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