[rt-users] rt-mailgate +getmail issue

Yavor Marinov ymarinov at neterra.net
Thu Feb 13 05:29:24 EST 2014


i have the following configs for getmail:

create a ticket to address request at company.com:
arguments = ("--url", "https://localhost", "--queue", "Internal-IT", 
"--action", "correspond",)

comment to a ticket to address request-comment at company.com:
arguments = ("--url", "https://localhost", "--queue", "Internal-IT", 
"--action", "comment",)

everything works as it should be, but the following is annoying our 
colleagues, and I need to fix it. So, if someone create a ticket via 
email, the ticket is getting into the queue correctly and the members of 
the group (responsible for the queue) are getting mail from RT with subject:

[XXXXXX] Subject of the email which is send to corresponding email.

Once anyone tried to reply via email (e.g. reply from their email client 
- subject changes to Re: [XXXXX] ....) the reply isn't inserted in the 
correct ticket, but instead RT creates a new ticket with subject "Re: 

If they reply and remove the "Re:" and leave subject as in RT the 
comment is properly added to the ticket.
Summed up - getmail and rt-mailgate are working properly - the only 
problem is the subject, and what should i modify in order RT to lookup 
into the Subject field even if "Re:" is supplied.

Any help will be much appreciated!

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