[rt-users] Problem : A custom field edited via REST will be disabled

Sylvain Auguy s.auguy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 15:03:12 EST 2014

Ok my RT version is not supported so I don't demand you to solve this
particular case. However, I think there is a problem in the way RT parses
those values without handling correctly the new lines.

To support my position, I will describe again what I do.

I use the following to send a form with a variable called content which
has, as value, the fields and their values, as follow:

<input type='hidden' value=CF.{Field1}: Value1*\n*CF.{Field2}: Value2'

When I check the form Data which is sent,, here is what I get:

   1. content:

How can you say it is an invalid FORM data ? You can see that it sends %0D%0A
(\r\n) instead of the \n I write in my html form.
And this is the normal behavior described in the HTML specs.

Is the REST interface is not intended to be used with HTML forms ?
If I update RT to a new version (which I can't), would it solve this ?

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