[rt-users] Fedora 20 / Perl 5.18

CLOSE Dave Dave.Close at us.thalesgroup.com
Wed Feb 19 18:38:25 EST 2014

Now that I have RT running enough to get a login page, I can't get /any/ 
login to work, not even root. The Apache log reports, "Unknown password 
form (/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/RT/User_Overlay.pm:1094)", and the RT 
log is still empty.

Users and passwords are stored in MySQL (actually MariaDB). Checking 
that from the command line shows that all the data is still there.

There must be a backdoor way in. Isn't there?

For those who haven't been following this saga, this is with RT 4.2.1 on 
Fedora 20 with Perl 5.18.
Dave Close

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