[rt-users] Fedora 20 / Perl 5.18

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Wed Feb 19 19:57:23 EST 2014

On Wed, 2014-02-19 at 16:47 -0800, CLOSE Dave wrote:
> Anyway, Jok's solution did not solve the problem. But it did give me 
> some more error messages to investigate. I discovered that the 
> vendor_perl/RT directory content was quite old. I replaced it entirely 
> with the files from the installation directory, restarted Apache, and 
> now things seem to work. There are also copies of those files in 
> /opt/rt4/lib/RT, but that is not in @INC for some reason.

RT adds /opt/rt4/lib to its @INC path on startup; copying them into
vendor_perl is unnecessary.  In fact, you are only leaving a landmine
for yourself in the future (as happened with the _Overlay files) by
having copied them into vendor_perl.
 - Alex

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