[rt-users] QueueSummaryByLifecycle warning

Marko Cupać marko.cupac at mimar.rs
Thu Feb 20 03:44:17 EST 2014

I re-run database upgrade, this time starting from 4.0.8, it went fine
until 4.1.1 where it failed complaining thatTable 'ObjectScrips'
already exists. As I know it was created in earlier upgrade I did not

My Queues table looks as follows now:
mysql> select Name, Lifecycle from Queues;
| Name                  | Lifecycle |
| General               | default   |
| ___Approvals          | approvals |
| AvalaAda Laboratorija | default   |

... and there are no more warnings in log.

Hope I did not spoil something else.
Marko Cupać

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