[rt-users] rt-serializer and rt-importer

Tim Gustafson tjg at ucsc.edu
Fri Feb 21 13:24:01 EST 2014

> I'm not sure why you think that an RT with only ticket / queue data is
> useful.  You lose all the requestors and owners and ccs/adminccs
> associated with tickets, which would tend to make the history kind of
> useless.

Sorry, I guess I'm not being clear.  That's exactly what I'm talking
about: I want to copy over requestors, owners, CCs and so on, but not
privileged access or group information.

> --no-users will only export users that it encounters while crawling
> other objects, rather than defaulting to serializing all privileged
> users and then serializing unprivileged users as needed.

That was the answer I was looking for, and I think it would be helpful
to add it to the documentation.

> You don't specify an RT version.  4.2.2 and 4.2.3 both contain fixes
> for memory usage.



Tim Gustafson
tjg at ucsc.edu
Baskin Engineering, Room 313A

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