[rt-users] A little help with a 4.x callback?

Jeff Blaine jblaine at kickflop.net
Mon Feb 24 18:10:59 EST 2014

I see in 4.2.x (perhaps in 4.0.x) that there is now a ProcessUpdates
callback available for use in Ticket/Modify.html

I'm reworking some old 3.8 code that would send a message to the end
user via (sigh) ... Abort() ... if a certain field had not been set
to a value and the user was trying to resolve the ticket.

The Ticket/Modify.html callback call reads as:

    $m->callback( CallbackName => 'ProcessUpdates', TicketObj =>
$TicketObj, ARGSRef => \%ARGS, Results => \@results );

How might I make use of this @results array in my callback?

What should my <%ARGS> section look like?

I looked around, but the wiki is a little lacking in info about
how to construct the <%ARGS> section in the callback file, etc,
for those not fluent in Perl past the basics (let alone Mason).

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