[rt-users] Is it possible to delete 'reply' button?

Maciej Dobrzanski reg.bestpractical at posterus.com
Fri Feb 28 12:44:44 EST 2014

 > Is it possible to not show 'reply' button when the 
$TransactionObj->Type is 'Comment'?
Of course it is possible. In 4.0 you can use ModifyCommand callback from 
/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction to modify the list of transaction 
actions. In this callback you will be able to remove the 'Reply' link 
using a regular expression, for example:

return unless $TransactionObj->Type eq 'Comment';

$$titlebar_cmd =~ s/\[.*?Action=Respond.*?\]//;
$TransactionObj => undef
$titlebar_cmd => undef

This won't work with 4.2 though, because ModifyCommand has been removed 
and ShowTransaction changed location. You will have to use Default 
callback from /Elements/ShowTransaction instead. The callback provides 
access to @Actions - an array of hashes representing various actions. 
Removing the link will be a matter of looping over the array and 
removing the right element (e.g. where class field will be equal to 


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