[rt-users] Apache Threads hanging & not gracefully exiting

Nathan Baker bakern at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 15:13:31 EST 2014

I switched from mod_perl to mod_fcgid and along with the memory usage
decreasing by about 75%, the problem seems to have disappeared.  I'm not
sure if there is a problem with the code and mod_fcgid is just handling it
better, or what the deal is, but everything is working fine now.

Judging by the user reviews of mod_perl (
http://cpanratings.perl.org/dist/mod_perl) it seems like mod_perl should be
the less preferred option, and mod_fastcgi or mod_fcgid should be used if
possible.  Is this the general consensus?  If so, it might be helpful to
add that recommendation on

Thanks for your suggestions though Kevin, if I do see any further issues
I'll try using strace.

For anyone else that comes across this, here are some apache mod_perl
documents about debugging mod_perl applications, using strace and other


On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 11:21 AM, Kevin Falcone
<falcone at bestpractical.com>wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 01:43:59PM -0500, Nathan Baker wrote:
> >    (gracefully finishing). Those threads will never exit unless I kill
> the processes manually. My
> >    guess would be that one of my customizations are causing this, but
> does anyone have any tips
> >    for how to find out what the problem is?
> strace/dtruss?
> >    - custom Scrip that uses Filesys::SmbClient to copy attachments to
> the user's computer when
> >    they "Take" the ticket
> That sounds like the biggest suspect.
> -kevin
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