[rt-users] Extension ExtractCustomFieldValues in version 4.2.2 not visible

Arkady Glazov uglobster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 08:23:52 EST 2014

I have a fresh install of RT 4.2.2 with fastCGI and postgreSQL under Linux.
I try to configure my installation with Extension ExtractCustomFiledValues.
I'm novice in RT.

I install extension by cpan, change my RT_SiteConfig.pm and restart apache.
But after them when i try create new global scriplet i don't see in Action
required "ExtractCustomFiled". In /opt/rt4/local/plugins/ i see the
dir RT-Extension-ExtractCustomFieldValues with subdirs, but from web
interface scriplet action is not visible. Why?
Best regards,
Arkady Glazov
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