[rt-users] custom field mandatory

Zawada Łukasz l.zawada at finat.pl
Mon Jun 16 07:47:10 EDT 2014


I've re 3.8.8.
Data base is oracle. 

I've a problem with mandatory custom field. 

When i create ticket from the web it's all ok. When mandatory custom filed it's empty a get "Input must match [Mandatory]"
But when i create ticket from email i could write comments/corespondence, change the queue, without any warning.

 - It's happen to all queue, to all mandatory custom field
 - custom filed is type "select one vaule"
 - when i add new custom filed mandatory it's the same problem.
 - line from /etc/aliases 
admin: |"/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue Admin --action correspond --url http://rt.domain.com/"


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